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The Intentional Foods Story

Our Story

At only 6 months old, our middle daughter, Sarah, was diagnosed with a peanut allergy. No one used the words “life threatening” or “anaphylactic shock” so we thought we were fine. We were told since her first reaction was hives that it was probably a mild topical peanut allergy. At the time, it didn’t seem like a big deal to us. We had no idea.

Fast forward then to the moment we ended up in the emergency room with her due to an accidental ingestion of peanut butter at preschool. All it took was one bite of a granola bar. One bite. And this time, we heard the words no parents should ever hear, “You could have lost your child today.” We tested her for food allergies, we knew she had food allergies, but we were unaware of how serious it really was. We did everything wrong that day. We ignored the signs. We delayed giving her epinephrine. We took her home. We put her in the bath. We used the Epipen as a last resort.

Our Pivotal Moment

Sitting in the emergency room that day we were filled with questions. What happened? Searching online, our world started to close in. We read story after story of kids…who passed away from their food allergy. Who didn’t administer the Epipen in time. Who blindly believed like we did that as long as the allergen isn’t in the food, you’ll be fine. “What happened?” quickly turned into “How?”. How was Sarah going to navigate this as she got older? How would we keep her from accidentally eating something again? How is she going to advocate for herself when all her friends go out to eat and she can’t eat safely? How do we keep her safe?

Our Question

For 6-8 months after this incident, we shut down. We felt scared and helpless…and then it hit us, we realized we could do something.
We could help kids like Sarah and families like ours feel included. With our combined 25 years of restaurant experience, we realized that we were uniquely prepared to be the change we wanted to see. Soon our question of how, turned into, “What IF?”
What IF there was a safe place to eat? What IF you could have everything on the menu? What IF you didn’t have to eat at a separate table? What IF we could gather again with families and friends? What IF we could educate our community about food allergies? What IF?
With a desire to provide our community with allergy-friendly meals and foster an inclusive dining experience, we created Intentional Foods Cafe & Market.

Our Promise

We ensure that every product is manufactured in facilities that we can trust, down to the salt & pepper. We are transparent with all ingredients and their sourcing. In our retail market, you will find our favorite allergy-friendly products, local coffee, fresh baked goods, prepackaged and made to order allergy-friendly meals.
Our promise is simple: Allergy-friendly. Safe and delicious. Always.

Photo of the owners family